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Seven Days in the Greek Islands with Lacey Stone - One departure only this September

Travel to the Greek Islands with fitness pro Lacey Stone. Seven days of island hopping in Santorini, Folegandros and Milos. Swim, bike and hike your way through Greece with a focus on a better you.


Seven Days in the Greek Islands with Lacey Stone

One departure only this September | Likely to sell out - only 10 spots left!

Are you ready to ignite your best self and unleash your inner-hero? If the answer is a ‘yes!’ then just wait til you see what we’ve created for you...

Join Lacey Stone and Modern Adventure for a women-only week of island hopping in Greece. Get back in touch with your inner goddess with a focus on playful discovery, pure relaxation, beach time, exercise, and some of the best food the Mediterranean has to offer. We'll hike, swim, bike and explore the islands of Santorini, Folegandros, and Milos, letting the sun and sea serve as our guide.

The trip is also your chance to experience Lacey Stone's signature bootcamps with the Aegean Sea as your own personal playground. Breathe a sigh of relief — Lacey’s workouts aren’t about restriction or punishing yourself. You’d be surprised just how far a little bit of positive motivation and self-love can go. Lacey is the wind in your sails, the fire in your heart pushing you to do better, making the laborious fun and the impossible attainable. You're so much more powerful than you think.

This is a trip for the curious and joyful, for all the ladies out there dreaming of teal blue waters and hidden beaches that are just begging to be explored. Set foot on Mars-like landscapes that lead to secret coves to kayak or paddle board through uninhabited islands made for swimming, snorkeling, and frolicking. Take a deep breath as you walk through the quintessential small towns with terraces of white, the perfume of lime trees and the vibrancy of bougainvillea and hibiscus.

Experience the Greek culture and the warm hospitality that is at the heart of the islands. Enjoy the understated luxury and sophistication of our boutique hotels. Savor seven days to be pampered and focus on you. The stunning natural beauty of the islands and the Aegean sea will be our canvas to live well, eat well, celebrate and play!

Sept 9 - 15, 2018 | Likely to sell out | 10 spots left

$5,500 per person*
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Athens, Greece


Athens, Greece


7 days, 6 nights


$5,500 per person


Four-star boutique lodgings


Most meals included

Your Co-Adventurer

Screen Shot 2018-01-29 at 3.28.22 PM.png

Lacey Stone

Fitness Pro

For all the ladies looking to unleash their inner awesome, say hello to our bonafide badass trainer and femme fatale, Lacey Stone.

“I empower women to take their strength back and stand up for themselves. Working out shouldn't be more work — it should be more fun. Fitness is our opportunity to express our raw power, to exercise the heart and run the mind, to let go and take control."

Lacey is best known for her signature bootcamp workouts, and for her television show Revenge Body with Khloe Kardashian which has just premiered its second season. Her enthusiasm for life is contagious. Her ability to harness the power of fitness to help us be our best selves is nothing short of extraordinary.

Join Lacey in Greece this September and unleash your awesome. As Lacey says, "There is no magic workout. No perfect diet. The answer is within you."


The Trip


Sunday Sept 9th to

Saturday Sept 15th, 2018


Day One

Sunday, Sept 9th

Welcome to greece

We'll start our journey in the morning, when we meet as a group in Athens. From here we head from the mainland on a short 45-minute direct flight to the island of Santorini. It's a sun-bleached, half-moon shaped island with just over 13,000 people, built on the rim of an ancient volcano with drop-dead gorgeous views over the Aegean Sea. Santorini is all about the views, and the terrace where we have our first lunch is one of the best. Perched atop the caldera rim with the expansive view of the ocean is the beautiful winery Venetsanos. Here we’ll get our first taste of Mediterranean cuisine, with Santorini's local produce — the fish, freshly caught offshore, sun-ripened tomatoes grown in the fertile volcanic soil — all paired with wine made from the grapes grown on the island...all under a postcard perfect view. The setting is nothing short of magical.

We'll cover the highlights of Santorini in the afternoon, visiting the town of Oia and learning about island life and Greek culture from our local guide. We’ll say goodbye to the island as we board our ferry for a quick trip to the island of Folegandros, docking at the small port of Karavostasi with its bobbing fishing boats and twinkling tavernas. You won’t find any airports or cruise ships here: it is a paradise untouched by time, a precious gem in the midst of the Cyclades islands where it’s easy to enjoy the simpler pleasures life has to offer.

Our home for three nights on Folegandros is the Anemi hotel. Located just a few minutes walk from Karavostasi beach, the combination of contemporary design with traditional cycladic architecture, an infinity pool and sea views creates a space that’s perfect for soaking up the sun.

We’ll meet in the evening to have Lacey guide us in defining our intentions for the week ahead, and enjoy a relaxing dinner as the sun dips into the ocean. Wind down with a traditional cocktail and breathe in the fresh Mediterranean air before heading back to the hotel for some much-needed restorative sleep.

Accommodations: Anemi Hotel
Meals: Lunch, dinner included

pexels-photo-754022 (1).jpeg

Above: Swimming on Folegandros

Right: Santorini lunch, Anemi Hotel

All Photos, Boath House

Day Two

Monday, Sept 10

boot camp & the beach

Wake up to a glorious Mediterranean morning and get ready for a day of joy and transformation. Lacey will guide us through her exclusive island bootcamp to get our bodies and minds charged for the day ahead. The energy from our community of women combined with Lacey’s uncontrollable knack for having fun will inspire us to let go of our boundaries.

After we freshen up, we are off to explore the island. Our first stop is to meet local fishermen and discuss their catch of the day. We will choose our fish and hear some of the tales of the ocean. Then a gentle hike on the stone pathways will lead us to a secluded beach where we can take a refreshing dip into the ocean.

Lunch will be prepared at our beach front taverna with our fresh catch from earlier that morning cooked to our liking. As we wiggle our toes in the sand, we’ll eat, sip and savor fish, vegetables, salad, cheese, bread and wine sourced directly from the island. After lunch, we'll head out to explore the land again on foot (most of Folegandros is not accessible by road, only by stone footpath or by boat) and hike over to the white sands of Angali beach for a leisurely swim, unwinding from our fast-paced and hectic lives as we connect with our self and with each other.

Dinner is set to be a treat, with a barbecue celebrating the bounty of Greece — grilled fish and seafood with a drink in hand, relishing the kind of sunsets you can only find on a secluded Greek island in the middle of paradise.

Accommodations: Anemi Hotel
Meals: Breakfast, lunch, and dinner included
IMG_4464_result 2 3.09.11 PM.jpeg
simon-peel-372445 (1).jpg

Left: Folegandros village, Angali beach

Right: Folegandros walking path, fresh octopus


Day Three

Tuesday, Sept 11

Polyaigos & Chora

Our theme for today is exploration. We’ll set sail on our own private yacht for a gentle cruise to dreamy Polyaigos. It's the largest uninhabited island in Greece, peaceful, largely untouched by humans, and full of natural beauty. There are no ferries to Polyaigos: the pristine scenery and beaches are only accessible by private boat. We’ll sail around the island and explore its cliffs and caves, stopping frequently to swim, snorkel, or explore the shallows on a stand-up paddleboard. The landscape around Polyaigos can seem otherworldly: towering rocks rise up from the sea as sandstone cliffs glow brilliantly in hues of orange, white and pink. The boat's crew will grill a seafood lunch for us while we sit and take in the the view, toes dangling in the water.

In the afternoon we'll explore Chora, the main village on Folegandros and one of the oldest medieval towns in the Cyclades Islands. Taking a step into Chora feels like you’re traveling back in time: the village is inaccessible by motor vehicles, making it the perfect place to stroll along in the shade of the olive trees. We’ll make the short steep climb up to Chora's 400-year-old hilltop church, and watch as the sun sets gently into the sea marveling at the beauty of the land with gratitude and joy in our hearts.

We'll enjoy dinner at a classic Greek taverna set in a white-walled garden surrounded with fragrant fuchsia, lime trees and bougainvillea flowers. You’ll find every dish here fuses traditional Greek ingredients with playful modern twists. The rest of night is yours to roam free. What secrets will you discover on the island?

Accommodations: Anemi Hotel
Meals: Breakfast, lunch, and dinner included
chris-ouzounis-487933 (1).jpg
jan-traid-375105 (1) (1) (1).jpg

Left: Chora church, exploring Polyaigos by boat

Right: Snorkeling on Polyaigos


Day Four

Wednesday, Sept 12

onwards to milos

The next three days of our island adventure are devoted to exploring the island of Milos, an astonishing spectacle of colour and natural forms filled with criss-crossing footpaths that lead to clifftop volcanoes, hidden hot springs and dozens of sandy white beaches. Chances are you're already familiar with Milos: it's where the famous Venus de Milo statue was uncovered, a statue that barely scratches the surface of Milos' rich cultural history. Add in a colorful landscape and you’ll feel like you're on an island dreamed up by an artist rather than something that has naturally evolved.

Our adventure on Milos starts with a fun, collaborative cooking class where we'll learn to make (and taste) local delicacies such as pitarakia (traditional hand-pies filled with sweet cheeses or watermelon) and fire-roasted souvlaki.

We'll take a moment and slow down in the afternoon so as to rest the body and the mind. There will be free time to explore the town or settle into our hotel for the next three days, the Milos Cove, a boutique luxury hotel overlooking the Aegean complete with a private beach and stunning views.

In the evening we'll reconvene for a sunset hike to Plaka and its iconic church overlooking the Aegean. Then we’ll share our tales of adventure over a meal at family-owned, award-winning Enalion, where the beauty of the food lies in its simplicity. Seasonal ingredients from the island showcase the best of traditional Greek cuisine and revolutionize the idea of island food as you know it. Lobster, mussels, grilled fish and calamari, all drizzled with the freshest olive oils and hummus you've ever tasted, accented with homegrown vegetables cooked perfectly so. We'll have the starry night sky serve as a backdrop for an unforgettable meal.

Accommodations: Milos Breeze
Meals: Breakfast, lunch and dinner included

Above: Plaka church

Right: Homemade pitarakia, Milos Cove grounds

Screen Shot 2018-01-31 at 1.24.06 PM.png

Day Five

Thursday, Sept 13

boot camp & best of milos

Remember how fun it is to just move? To dance with abandon? To shake it with everything you’ve got? Lacey sure does — which is exactly why we’ll be starting off our day with an energizing bootcamp led by Lacey. That’s the kind of workout we stand by. (By the way, did we mention how good you’re looking today? You’re glowing.)

Our favorite local guides will be our partners in crime today, helping us explore the best of Milos. We’ll take a dip in the natural wonder that is the Papafragkas cave, a former pirate cove; walk on the strange moon-like horizon that is Sarakiniko, with its pure white stones sculpted by volcanic eruptions that make it one of the most photographed places in the Cyclades; and let our eyes drink in the rainbow-colored village of Klima before biking to Milos’ famous catacombs for a private tour. Carved into the natural caves of Milos, these Christian underground cemeteries are considered to be among the world’s oldest and best-preserved catacombs and only second to the catacombs in Rome.

We’ll share a long leisurely lunch together and then grab our kayaks to explore the local beaches, paddling in search of hidden coves and the perfect swimming spot.

Take the afternoon to re-introduce yourself to frolicking, and revel in the lazy joy that is having nothing to do beyond following the sun wherever it takes you. Wander through the caves and endless beaches before tonight’s dinner at your leisure, and fill your heart with plenty of fresh food, the feel of sand between your toes and belly-aching laughter before resting your eyes for the night.

Accommodations: Milos Cove
Meals: Breakfast, lunch, and dinner included

Top right: Exploring Sarakiniko

Bottom: Milos by kayak

MILOS_26264578_331752273983421_8425745504171720704_n (1).jpg

Day Six

Friday, Sept 14


Today we are sirens at sea, luxuriating on our private yacht and being pampered as we sail around our island home. Today we live the yacht life and embody the spirit of the Aegean waters.

Kleftiko, one of the most photographed areas in Greece, is a group of inlets and caves accessible only by boat. We’ll set out in our private yacht to discover Kleftiko’s hidden wonders — with plenty of snacks and drinks onboard, of course. Swim and snorkel among the rocky nooks as we tour the many caves with our local guide, where the option of a short hike rewards us with incredible views of the Aegean ahead.

Tonight is our last night together, and it's a cause for a seriously joyful celebration. We’ll come together for a final taste of the Cyclades Islands as we share our favorite stories from the trip over carafes of wine and the warm light of the fire. Expect plenty of laughter, a few happy tears and plenty of hugs from your fellow travelers as we sit and scheme about what the future holds in store. Our finale dinner will be a culmination of our days together and a feast for our hearts as well as our appetites.

Accommodations: Milos Cove
Meals: Breakfast, lunch, dinner included

Top: Kleftiko by boat

Right: Dining on Milos

cave (1).jpg
StockSnap_UWBB1NOLMD (1).jpg

Day Seven

Saturday, Sep 15

home to your best self

Our final day together. Have no fears and no worries. We’re taking your fabulous, tired self home today so you don’t have to lift a finger. We’re loading up baggage and flying you directly from Milos to Athens International Airport.

Whether your next stop is home or someplace new and undiscovered, you'll feel energized and in balance. A week in the Greek Islands with Lacey Stone is just what you needed.

The answer was within you all along. It just needed a little positive motivation to blossom.


The Inspiration



Six nights of luxury four-star boutique hotels

Direct flights from Athens to Santorini (Day One), Milos to Athens (Day Seven)

All meals as noted in daily itineraries

Wine tastings as noted

Guided & leisure activities as noted

Trip photos by professional photographer

Private island transportation & airport transfers

Luggage transfers

Please note:
Daily itineraries are subject to change due to weather, seasonal conditions, and serendipity...


Air transportation to/from Greece

Single supplement $1400

Alcoholic beverages (except as noted at wine tastings and meals)

Entrance fees, meals, and all personal items during leisure time

Travel insurance

Excess baggage charges

Gratuities and items of a personal nature

Personal services in hotels (telephone, laundry, room service, etc.)



We believe travel can be a force for good in our own lives, and in the lives of the people and places we visit. We create magical experiences, harnessing the expertise and passion of our partners, to produce joyful moments of discovery and celebration. Join us.



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What are the accommodations like?

We stay at luxury boutique hotels: Anemi hotel on the island of Folegandros, the Milos Cove on the island of Milos. All accommodations are chosen to reflect the premium quality and superior level of service. These island hotels are among the best in the region. Their location, hospitality standards and understated luxury make them a great choice for our group. If you have questions about the accommodations or a special request, please call us at (855) 219-8018, daily 7am to 7pm Pacific.



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